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You are here: Home Models ES-2 and ES-2re FAT Model Release Notes from v5.0 to v6.0
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Release Notes from v5.0 to v6.0

The following major modifications have been made in the Version 5.0:


Geometric modifications

  • New mesh for pelvis flesh.


ES-2 v5.0 (left) and v6.0 (right)

  • Pelvis skin has been adjusted to the physical thickness by using CT-Scan


ES-2 v5.0 (left) and v6.0 (right) - Cut through pelvis


Non-Geometric modifications


  • The material of the pelvis skin and foam has been updated.
  • The material and validation of the rubber lumbar spine is new. Now the certification test is fulfilled and the component test looks fine.
  • Many new force transducer contacts have been defined to determine load paths more accurately



 The validation and calibration test models were also improved!