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Overview of all available Dummy Models

Current Version
Release Date
Modelled by
Front Impact Dummies
THOR 50th V1.0.2 Humanetics
HYBRID II 50% V2.0.2 12.02.2015 Humanetics
HYBRID III 5% V7.0.6 16.09.2014 Humanetics
HYBRID III 50% V8.0.1 21.10.2013 Humanetics
HYBRID III 95% V3.1.2 01.07.2015 Humanetics
Side Impact Dummies
ES2/ES2re V6.0 30.06.2013 DYNAmore
World SID 50% V4.0.2 14.06.2016 DYNAmore
SID-IIs - Build Level C V3.1a 31.07.2009 Humanetics
SID-IIs - Build Level D V4.0 05.11.2015 Humanetics
US-SID V5.0 23.10.2006 DYNAmore
Rear Impact Dummies
BioRID-II V3.8 16.06.2015 DYNAmore
Child Dummies
P-1.5 V0.2 11.04.2011 DYNAmore
P-3.0 V1.0.1 03.02.2011 DYNAmore
Q-1 V1.0 07.01.2010 Humanetics
Q-1.5 V1.0.1 19.03.2013 Humanetics
Q-3.0 V1.3 15.08.2013 Humanetics
Q-3.0s V1.1 20.11.2012 Humanetics
Q-6.0 V2.0.3 28.07.2015 Humanetics
Q-10 V1.5 11.04.2016 Humanetics
Q-10 Side Kit 1.3.2 Humanetics
HYBRID III 3-yr-old V4.1 Humanetics
HYBRID III 6-yr-old V3.2.1 Humanetics
HYBRID III 10-yr-old V1.1.1 22.07.2009 Humanetics
Impactor Models
FLEX-PLI-GTR Legform V2.0.2 31.01.2012 Humanetics
FLEX-PLI-GTR regulated V1.0 19.05.2016 Humanetics