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Differences ES-2 and ES-2re Models

The ES-2re model is based on the ES-2 model. Fig. 1 shows the differences between the ES-2 and ES-2re models.


Differences between the ES-2 (Left) and ES-2re (Right) Rib module


Modifications and remarks of the rib extension model:

  • Ribs are cut off at the shown section boundary.
  • Rib extensions are connected to the deformable parts of the rib guides.
  • Back plate has been modified, so that the rib extensions slide frictionless into the back plate. Fig. 2 shows the opened backplate with the needle bearing of the ES-2re model.
  • For the extraction of occupant injury criteria, there are no differences between ES-2 re and ES-2 model.


Opened back plate of ES-2 re to show the needle bearings