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Release Notes v4.5

Release notes from v4.1 to v4.5


The following major modifications have been made:

Geometric modifications

  • The neck assembly is completely remodeled. The new model uses only hexahedron and pentahedron elements. The neck buffers are included in the model as well as friction of the two neck joints.
Fig. 26: ES-2 v4.5 (left) and v4.1 (right) neck assembly

  • The lumbar spine assembly has been discretized in a completely new way. The mesh has been refined to capture the hardware geometry more accurately. The steel cable within the lumbar spine rubber is modeled and a contact between rubber and cable is defined.
Fig. 27: ES-2 v4.5 (left) and v4.1 (right) lumbar spine

  • The dummy jacket is now closed in the shoulder area on the impact side. Furthermore the jacket is expanded in front and back and is connected to the pelvis flesh mesh.

Fig. 28: ES-2 v4.5 (left) and v4.1 (right) jacket at left shoulder area

  • The abdomen carrier has been remeshed and now consists of hexahedron elements for better contact behavior.
Fig. 29: ES-2 v4.5 (left) and v4.1 (right) abdomen carrier

  • The height of the T12 load cell has been updated

  • The geometric modifications in the lumbar and abdomen area cause an increase of the dummy height of about 2.3 millimeters.

Non-geometric dummy model modifications

  • Material modifications in the abdomen parts
  • Material modifications in the pelvis foam and iliac wings
  • Material modifications in the lumbar spine assembly
  • Simplified Rubber material model for the neoprene jacket
  • Modification of the T12 load cell beam to reduce the noise in the extraction data

Additional remarks

  • New models of the certification pendulum tests
  • Validation of the lumbar spine including the certification test data