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Release Notes v5.0

The following major modifications have been made in the Version 5.0:


Geometric modifications

•    The dummy model now has identical arm models and a complete new mesh for the head. The jacket is closed in both shoulder areas. Furthermore it has been extended at the front and back and connected to the pelvis flesh.

•    The legs of the dummy are completely remodeled

 release_notes_v4.5                          release_notes_v5.0

Figure 26 : ES-2 v4.5 (left) and v5.0 (right)


•    The clavicle box and the arm have been remeshed. Both consist of hexahedron elements.




Figure 27 : ES-2 v4.5 (left) and v5.0 (right) clavicle box and arm


•    New mesh for the inner pelvis assembly now includes screw heads, spacers and washers.


Figure 28 : ES-2 v4.5 (left) and v5.0 (right) inner pelvis assembly


Non-Geometric modifications


•    The update contains a lot of new material data which comes from a new series of tests
•    The following materials were tested and included to the model v5.0 

  • Shoulder foam
  • Clavicle plastics
  • Upper/lower arm foam
  • Arm bone plastics
  • Lumbar spine rubber
  • Iliac wing plastics (same as clavicle plastics)
  • Pelvis back plate buffer
  • Femur stopper rubber


 The validation and calibration test models were also improved!