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Release Notes v4.1

Release Notes from v4.0 to v4.1


The following major modifications have been made:

  • Curves of all foam materials have been over worked regarding crossover, negative slope, 100pt devision, same strain points for all strain rate curves and same slope for all curves at the end.
  • Pubic symphysis load cell has been remodeled. Now a discrete beam element with a local coordinate system (SAE J211 norm) is used to measure the forces. Please note that the axes have changes from version 4.0 to 4.1. The direction of the discrete beam used to determine the pubic symphysis force is now shear-S instead of axial.
  • The jacket of the ES-2 model has been refined with triangular elements on the impact side.
  • To fulfil the head drop test, the deformable area of the head has been enlarged.
  • The abdomen has been refined to get a better force distribution for front-, middle- and back-abdomen load cell.
  • Abdomen load cells have been refined to get better results.
  • The upper legs have been shortened by about 20mm based on the CAD geometry.
  • Three additional load cells have been modeled -- lumbar load cell, left and right femur load cells.
  • Knee foam has been changed to a softer foam material.
  • Degrees of freedom for hip joints have been opened up in the Primer tree-file. Rotation about y-axis (+-5 degrees) and z-axis(-5 degrees) is now possible.
  • Space for feet rotation has been enlarged.


This update has no special modifications on the ES-2re model.