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Release notes v9.0

Modifications from v8.0.2 to v9.0

- Improved mesh of iliac wings and femur bones to better match hardware geometry


- Additional Hm-point marker for easier positioning


- Parameterized ribs with four different stiffness settings


Each rib can have its own setting. The minimum, medium and maximum ribs were developed in regard of the borders of the rib calibration test.


- X-RAI system is introduced to evaluate load paths through the dummy. The X-RAI system comes as a separate include and can easily be included or excluded from the dummy. There are 21 assemblies defined for the X-RAI system


- Additional remarks:

  • released lumbar cable spine spherical joint
  • IGRAV=0 to match hardware sensors
  • set part for pre-simulation script modified to prevent penetrations in leg ankle region
  • removed mpp option from self-contact
  • edge contact (SOFT=2) also with PART_CONTACT friction values
  • minor changes to match identical assemblies of ES-2 and ES-2re
  • several minor material/section/part/joint/friction/contact optimizations
  • CORA ratings ware now available in the manual