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Contact Definitions

Dummy to Vehicle and Seat:


  • For the contact of the dummy model to the vehicle and the seat, an automatic surface to surface contact is proposed. For this contact definition, a property set(*SET_PART, ID: 1500) has been defined in the dummy input-file. This property set includes all properties of the USSID model which are necessary for the dummy to environment contact definition.

  • The usage of a single surface contact is not recommended. This might interfere with the contact definitions of the dummy model itself. To remove the dummy model from the used *AUTOMATIC_SINGLE_SURFACE contact a second property set(*SET_PART, ID: 1501) has been prepared. This property set includes all properties of the dummy model, so it can be added quickly to a used exclude list of the *AUTOMATIC_SINGLE_SURFACE contact for whole vehicle.

  • The following figure depicts properties used in property sets 1500 \& 1501:

conta_face_02a.gif        conta_face_01a.gif

Fig. 9: Contact Faces


  • A separate property(ID 211) has been defined. This property is used for nullshell elements closing physical gaps of the dummy model(For example between the head and jacket.). DYNAmore prepared a separate include file. This include file is called ussid_v5.0_nullshells_.inc; it includes nullshell elements of property 211. These nullshells can be helpful for some contact problems of dummy to environment contact. The usage of these contact shells is optional and will not change the results of the USSID barrier tests. The following picture shows the nullshell contact elements (Red-colored).


Fig. 10: Null Shells to close Physical gaps in the Dummy