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Release notes up to v4.0

Relase notes for WorldSID v4.0

  • Geometric modifications to the latest ISO hardware state (SBL-E):

         + Geometric update of neck bracket, which can now also be adjusted in the positioning simulation


                                                             WSID_v3.5                                         WSID_v4.0


         + Update of 2D IR-TRACC geometry. Due to this, the physical stop angles are captured more accurately


                                                                WSID_v3.5                                             WSID_v4.0


         + Battery in thorax has been changed to some smaller mass replacements


                                                                      WSID_v3.5                        WSID_v4.0



  • Other modifications:

         + Arm validation has been improved. In some Rib component test it is observer that WSID v3.5 seams to have a very soft arm behavior in bending. Due to this the behavior of the arm is compared to video evaluations and improved. In the following a rib component test with arm is shown for both versions of WorldSID:


                                                                  WSID_v3.5                                                WSID_v4.0








  • For output of the EuroNCAP local rib deflections, DATABASE_HISTORY_NODE_LOCALS are defined. These nodes are included as an alternative to the output of the 2D IR-TRACCs. The nodes output the local x-, y- and z-deflection of the ribs. It must not be calculated from the resultant deflection and rotation of the 2D IR-TRACC. The nodes are:


Item Node ID                  Label Available Components
Shoulder rib 10751 shoulder rib deformation
Local X/Y/Z
x-, y-, z-displacement
1. Thorax rib 10752 1 thorax rib deformation
Local X/Y/Z
x-, y-, z-displacement
2. Thorax rib 10753 2 thorax rib deformation
Local X/Y/Z
x-, y-, z-displacement
3. Thorax rib 10754 3 thorax rib deformation
Local X/Y/Z
x-, y-, z-displacement
1. Abdomen rib 10755 1 abdomen rib deformation
Local X/Y/Z
x-, y-, z-displacement
2. Abdomen rib 10756 2 abdomen rib deformation
Local X/Y/Z
x-, y-, z-displacement

  • For dummy positioning the angles which are shown for Torso and Head are now global angles and no longer in respect to the Pelvis and Torso. So if the pelvis is rotated, they will also change.Due to this when the dummy is opened in Primer, two warning messages will occur that a coordinate systems does not belong to assembly 2 and 3. 


  • Positioning generator psg_v1.3 is improved. This is used to set up positioning pre-simulations. Now it is also possible to rotate the neck backed by pre-simulation. This was missing in v3.5. Furthermore, we switched the positioning method to pulling the assemblies by springs and dampers to the right position. This is very similar to the Primer method and very robust. 


  • The Version 4.0 and higher of the WorldSID provides parameters to scale the friction of the joints for all limbs. As default a 1 g adjustment of the joints is included. The user is now able to increase or decrease the friction values of the joints. A common scale factor is used for the left and right hand side assemblies. So it is not possible to scale left and right assembly differently.
Parameter name Joint
 sfarmx Scale factor arms local x-rotation 
 sfarmy Scale factor arm local y-rotation 
 sffemr Scale factor upper legs all directions 
 sfknee Scale factor knees 
 sfankl Scale factor ankle joints all directions 

Relase notes for WorldSID v3.5

  • Geometric modifications:

         + Initial Arm position is set to EuroNCAP position

                >> EuroNCAP Oblique Pole Side Impact Testing Protocol (Version 7.0 of June 2014):

         Place both arms at the first detent downward of the most upward detent that corresponds to a differential angle of 32° between rib angle sensor and the arm angle.

                >> Rib angle sensor is 0° sensor if the 2. and 3. thorax ribs are horizontal

                >> Arm must then be positioned 32° downwards from the horizontal

                >> Tree file is adjusted to show -32° for arm position

                >> Outer shape of v3.5 compared to v3.0 has not changed, except for the arm position

         + One additional node has been defined NID 10000. This node has the same co-ordinates as the node ID 10501 which is located on the H-Point. This has been done due to positioning issues faced with previous versions.


  • Other modifications:

         + Due to the strange behavior of the Jacket in WSID v3.0, the jacket has been changed:

               >> The solid material of the jacket has been improved

               >> The outer shell layer has been changed from *MAT_NULL to *MAT_FABRIC with physical tension stiffness

Relase notes for WorldSID v3.0

  • Geometric modifications:

         + The complete neoprene suit of the WorldSID is now meshed with solids

         + Arm foam and rubber mesh is now disconnected from arm bone

         + 2D IR-TRACCs including new stop angles (SBL-E1)

         + New sacrum box recorder in the pelvis (SBL-E1)

  • Component modifications:

         + The arm component was improved

         + Neck model improvement

         + Shoulder rib component test in z-direction

  • Other modifications:

         + The nitinol material of the rib bands now uses *MAT_SHAPE_MEMORY. This should increase the overall stability and robustness of the dummy model.

         + Some load cell orientations were corrected to match the SAE standard: upper and lower neck, shoulder, lumbar spine, pubic, sacro iliac and femur load cells

         + Improvement of the pelvis flesh model to avoid high hourglass energies

         + Improvement of the whole dummy definition to reduce time step dependency of the model

         + Parameter tpref to switch on/off the foam reference geometry of the thorax pad

         + More robustness against variation of time step size

         + New positioning procedure

Relase notes for WorldSID v2.0

  • The new sled tests are now validated in a first loop. So the interaction of different parts has been adjusted and validated.
  • First observations show very hard movement of the ribs in local z-direction. To investigate this behavior new pendulum tests on the shoulder of the WorldSID have been planned.
  • The validation of the single component tests of Version 1.0 has not been changed. All individual components of the WorldSID v2.0 are still the same.
  • The WorldSID v2.0 still fulfils available calibration tests.

Relase notes for WorldSID v1.0

  • The WorldSID model v1.0 is the first commercial available PDB WorldSID model.
  • The geometry and mass of the model are based on the data of ISO 15830 part 1 to 4.
  • All important materials have been tested and used to generate corresponding material models.
  • All available component tests are validated for the WorldSID v1.0
  • The WorldSID model v1.0 fulfils all available calibration tests.