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v2.0 to v2.5

  • The pelvis foam stiffness is adjusted to the new material behaviour of the Pelvis foam. The new material is included by Denton since the BioRID build level G. 

  • Two Pelvis materials are present in the BioRID v2.5 model. As default we have the MID 1118 as the latest pelvis foam material, which is tested in the pelvis component test. As a variation one can use the pelvis material of the BioRID 2 build level G (MID1119) which was also used in the BioRID2 v2.0 model. The same is done for the rubber skin of the pelvis. The new default material is MID 1120 and the older material is MID1121. To switch to the old pelvis material,  please use for the pelvis foam (PID301) material, the material MID 1119 instead of MID 1118 and for the pelvis skin (PIDs 302, 303, 304, 305), the material MID 1121 instead of 1120. 

  • The pelvis rotation is validated to new tests with the BioRID in a sports car seat. This is done by adjusting the joint stiffness of the hip joints. 

  • The joint stiffness of the feet is also adjusted to the new tests. 

  • The pre-stress option for the torso and the upper legs by using initial foam reference geometry is switched on. 

  • The script to repair seatbelt elements after pre-simulations is enhanced to get fewer errors. The new script can be used for both BioRID v2.0 and BioRID v2.5 models.