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General Information

This model has been developed by DYNAmore with a consortium of members of the FAT (German Association for Automotive Research). The group is lead by Volkswagen. Experienced engineers from Audi, BMW, Daimler, Opel, Porsche, Karmann, Hammerstein, JohnsonControls, and Keiper contributed by proposing tests, discussing results and defining QA procedures.


The development and validation has been performed on different platforms. The following LS-DYNA versions have been used:                        


LS-DYNA Version
Revision Nr.
SVN Version
971 R6.1.2 MPP
85139 85274
971 R7.1.2 MPP 97170 97170


Because of a new material model in conjunction with the pre-stress, it is very important to use the following LS-DYNA versions:


LS-DYNA Version
Date (use no older versions)
Revision No.
970 04/24/2006 or newer 6763.361
971 R2 (R2 = 971.7600) 10/19/2006 or newer 7600.528
971 R3 (R3 > 971.7600) 10/06/2006 or newer 9080


If older versions are used, LS-DYNA will not have an error termination but the results of the BioRID model will be wrong! Please contact your local LS-DYNA distributor to get the right LS-DYNA version.


With the version 3.8 of the BioRID-2 model, the following keyword files are delivered.

File name Content
Biorid-2_version_3.8_mm_ms_kg.key Dummy model, the name may vary

depending on the unit system

Work file used for pre-processing instead of license file.
The file name might vary depending on the system of units
positioning_BioRid-2_3.X_mm_ms_kg.key Parameterized file to:

  • move whole dummy
  • rotate upper legs
  • move/rotate head relative to T1 vertebrae
repair_seatbelt_elements.* Script to repair Seatbelt and

Slipring Elements