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Release Notes

Release Notes from v4.7 to v5.0


The following major modifications have been made:

  • The upper legs of the USSID model have been remeshed to have a more accurate geometry. The model behaves more stable in strong contact situations.

  • The material properties of the jacket have been changed to enhance the rip intrusion of the USSID model.

  • A new property set has been created. *SET_PART(ID:1500) includes all properties of the USSID model which are important for the environment(vehicle,seat,airbag...) to dummy contact definition. *SET_PART(ID:1501) includes all dummy properties. These properties can be used for the *AUTOMATIC_SINGLE_SURFACE whole vehicle contact as an exclude list.

  • The OASYS-Primer tree-file has been modified. Now an initial pelvis angle is shown in Primer. Additionally, the pelvis angle between the coordinate axes of PID 35 and 107 at the H-Point can be measured quickly.

  • A separate file is delivered which can be used to position the upper legs by a pre-simulation.

  • A second separate file is delivered including defined elements of null-material(*MAT_NULL). These elements are used to close all physical gaps of the USSID model. This might be necessary if there are contact problems to the environment. The user can feel free about including these elements. Results of the barrier test are not influenced by using these elements.