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Material Tests

Material tests on all major foams, rubber like materials and plastics have been performed. The specimens were taken from components of the WorldSID or from blocks provided by FTSS. The material test samples are depicted below.

Material Tests


Material test samples of WorldSID

The following types of tests were performed: Static tension tests, dynamic tension tests, static compression tests, and dynamic compression tests. These tests were chosen to obtain material data that could be used with very small adaptations for material *MAT_FU_CHANG_FOAM and *MAT_SIMPLIFIED_RUBBER for foam and rubber parts, respectively. 


The following materials were tested:

  • Pelvis rubber foam                                                                                   
  • Upper arm rubber foam
  • Upper leg rubber
  • Lower leg rubber
  • Shoe rubber
  • Pubic rubber buffer
  • Lumbar spine rubber
  • All neck rubber materials (three different)
  • Vinyl (head skin)
  • Lower arm foam
  • Thorax pad foam (Ensolite)
  • Rib material (Nitinol)
  • Blue rib damping material
  • Plastics iliac wings
  • Arm bone
  • Head bone


The emphasis was on static and dynamic tension and compression tests. For the rubber like materials, the compression tests were also performed with a lateral obstructed expansion.

The used strain rates used for the foam and rubber materials were:

Test Type Strain rate Lateral expansion
 1 Tension 0.001 1/s(static) free
 2 Tension 0.1 1/s free
 3 Tension 20 1/s free
 4 Tension 100 1/s free
 5 Tension 400 1/s free
 6 Compression 0.001 1/s(static) obstructed
 7 Compression 0.001 1/s(static) free
 8 Compression 0.1 1/s free
 9 Compression 20 1/s free
 10 Compression 100 1/s free
 11 Compression 400 1/s free